Testimonial 1 : Kiem & Declan

Dear Donna

It was a very pleasing experience selling our Lexus to you yesterday. The money was already in our account last night:)

Thank you so much for your honesty regarding the extra money that came our way. We very much appreciated your professionalism throughout the whole process.

Please pass our thanks to Lee too.

Kindest regards.

Kiem & Declan

Testimonial 2 : Tony & Fay Reynolds (Retail)

One afternoon a couple of months ago these two guys cruised into my workplace (Jason and Lee from Silvester Motors, driving two D-Max Ute 's), they were on a sales trip from Christchurch visiting our home town of Hokitika.

Jason in his real friendly manner bowled on upstairs with his brochures on the D-Max. I was impressed both with Jason's upfront friendly way (what you see is what you get) and the D-Max. We had been looking for a New Ute for months but nothing had jumped out at us, this one looked good so we did some more homework.

Tony (Hubbie) is an ex Mechanic so he went over the Ute and the brochures with a fine tooth comb and couldn't fault it. In short we are now the PROUD OWNERS of a D-Max. So for a chance meeting on a Mid Winters day when these guys took the time to visit we wouldn't even know what a D-Max was. When we met Jason and the D-Max we also meet a new friend.

Jason's service and contact is great. You know, on our first service, 3000Km's they even cleaned our Ute!!!! Can't believe that. One more thing we have had the fuel economy down to 8litres per hundred km's and towed our caravan last weekend with the D-Max, what caravan we didn't even know we were towing it, around 12 with the caravan on.

Thank you Jason for taking the time to visit, taking the time the next week to come over and let us test drive the D-Max and all the follow up calls and emails, it seems nothing is a problem

Tony & Fay Reynolds

Testimonial 3 : Tony & Deborah Goddard (Retail)

Dear Donna & Peter

I am emailing you both just to let you know how happy I am with my recent purchase of a brand new Isuzu Dmax 4wd which I have had for aprox 6 weeks.I have been a toyota man for a good number of years owning a number of 4wds my last being a 2006 hilux which I traded in on the Isuzu Dmax.

I must say that now owning the Dmax I have been pleasntly surprised how comfortable it is & really nice to drive the auto transmission is as good if not better than my last viechel & in fact there is no lag in power when taking off it is a very responsive motor,this has proved to be true in the Dmax towing capablity.

We have a 5.8mtr boat which we tow over to Wainui and I guess I was wondering how the Dmax would go the first time we towed it over to Wainui & back again we were very suprised at how well it towed the boat over & back with plenty of power still left imagine what the motor will be like when its done 10,000km.

Regards Tony & Deborah Goddard

Testimonial 4 : Pat & Paul Young (Out Of Town)


Paul & I want to thank you for Steve Rangihuna & your own great service to us in the recent purchase of a car from you. Previously we had bought a brand new car from our local Toyota dealer. Sadly, not long after we purchased it the car was written off. We were so pleased with it that we wanted the same car again. None were available through Toyota. So we entered the model, year and specs onto TradeMe...... And up pops Silvester Motors with the only one.

Everything was wrong !!!! A non Toyota dealer, and nowhere near where we lived on the Coromandel Peninsula. Not even in the same island.. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So we hit the buttons and rang you. And are we glad we did. Steve ran us through all the particulars. He then sent us photos to show that it was the car we wanted with all the bells and whistles, ran us through the history of the car,gave us a final price, with delivery options and prices and dates for this as well. Then we asked if you could keep the car for us while we went on holiday for a month. Payment was easy with a low deposit to secure the deal for us. And this was all during the aftermath of the big earthquake. What service.

After our holiday I rang Steve, and two days later our car arrived. Everything we asked to be done had, even the personalised plates were on with the surrounds I'd asked for. New warrant, RUC mileage, and service details. everything had been done or been taken care of. Pity we chose NZ Rail as delivery agents. They put a small dent in the car. Steve went into bat for us on that as well.

Since then both you and Steve have been in touch with us to see how we are liking the car, and even just to say Hi.. Its so great to have caring personal service long distance. We would recommend your company to anyone looking for Quality cars and service.

Thanks again,

Pat & Paul Young - Coromandel Peninsula

Testimonial 5 : Grant Jenkins Contracting Ltd (Retail)

Silvester has now supplied us over five vans they showed excellent service and gave us great advice to help us grow our fleet.

They have bent over backwards to deliver everything we needed.

They wouldn't be where they are today through luck but sheer dedication, passionate in what they believe in.

I have no hesitation in recommending them to the general populace because great things meant to be shared!

Grant Jenkins

Testimonial 6 : Kim Garner (Retail)

I bought my car from Lee at Silvester Motors in February 2012.

Right from the beginning of walking into the car park, Lee was very helpful - but not pushy. Nothing was a bother.

I asked for a pre-purchase inspection with my own mechanic and Lee took the car there and then picked it up again. When the report came back with some minor faults, Silvester's were straight onto it and they were fixed within 2 days. When purchasing the car, my request was listened to and a very good deal was had for both sides.

I would recommend Silvester's as being professional, easy to deal with and very flexible. My son will be looking to purchase a car in 6 month's time and I will have no hesitation in taking him to Silvester's.

Thank you Lee and Donna for your superb service.

Kim Garner

Testimonial 7 : Juan and Lucia Garcia (Out of Town)

We live in Dunedin and wanted a particular car. There were a few advertised in different parts of the country. A friend of ours who has a car dealership told us that Silvester Motors was a serious operation and recommended we work with them. We are very lucky we followed his advice. Dealing with Donna was a pleasure and the car is everything we wanted.

Donna met us half-way in Timaru so we could swap cars, as they were taking ours as part of payment. This was great and we were not expecting it. The other staff persons we talked to were aware of the transaction and very helpful.

We could not be happier with the service.

Thanks a lot.

Juan and Lucia Garcia - Dunedin